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Mark Windschitl



  • Higher Ed: Science 




**Windschitl, M. (2007). Three critical questions about science teacher preparation. Paper commissioned by National Research Council's Committee on Teacher Preparation. February 15, Washington DC.

*Windschitl, M., Ryken, A., Tudor, M. & Koehler, G. (2007). A comparative model of field investigations: Aligning school science inquiry with practices of contemporary science. School Science and Mathematics, 107(1), 382-390.

*Windschitl, M. & Thompson, J. (2006) Transcending simple forms of school science investigations: Can pre-service instruction foster teachers' understandings of model-based inquiry? American Educational Research Journal, 43(4) ,783-835.

*Shannon, J. & Windschitl, M. (accepted) How is PCK Embodied in Teachers' Decision-Making Process While Teaching Chemical Equilibrium? Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

Windschitl, M. (2006). Why we can't talk to one another about science education reform. Phi Delta Kappan, January, 349-356.
Note: Also appears in Educational Digest, April 2006, Vol. 71, #8.
Note: This article also used for on-line teacher professional development with PBS in Boston, MA.

**Windschitl, M. (2005). Our challenge in disrupting popular folk theories of "Doing Science". Proceedings of NSF-sponsored Inquiry Conference on Developing a Consensus Research Agenda. Rutgers University, February.

**Windschitl, M. (2005). The future of science teacher preparation in America: Where is the evidence to inform program design and guide responsible policy decisions? To appear in Science Education, 89 (4), 525-534.